2018 Workshops

November 1st - 2nd in Chino, California - please see link below for more details.

REGISTRATION: visit this link to CAHQ for registration and to find out more:


Workshops are hosted by the California Association for Healthcare Quality (CAHQ) and JB Quality Solutions, Inc.

Susan Mellott, Ph.D., RN, CPHQ, FNAHQ is the Instuctor for this Workshop. Dr. Mellott is well known in the field of healthcare quality as a consultant and educator. She teaches groups around the country and we are excited to have her leading our Workshops.

Are You:

  • Preparing to take the CPHQ Certification Exam or to recertify?

  • Looking for quality information or continuing education?

  • New to the healthcare quality field?

  • Seeking to enter the healthcare quality field?

  • Trying to put all the quality pieces together?

Yes? Then this is the workshop for you!


Our Program

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This two-day intensive workshop provides current principle-based information for quality professionals in all settings who are seeking a comprehensive overview of the field, studying for certification, recertifying, or need continuing education.

Dr. Mellott focuses on the principles critical to an understanding of the healthcare quality field, as well as those emphasized in the CPHQ Exam Content Outline, using the current edition of The Healthcare Quality Handbook as the text.

The workshop is co-sponsored by the California Association for Healthcare Quality (CAHQ) and provides 16.8 BRN and 14 CPHQ hours of continuing education.

See Workshop Brochure  & Register Online


.Important Note and Disclaimer:

Purchasing this Handbook and Workshop Audio CD Set does not guarantee that you will pass the CPHQ Examination. The only Exam information available to the author is the same Content Outline provided to you in the Candidate Handbook. However, the material encompasses all Content Outline topic areas and is the only comprehensive resource that is annually revised to provide current information.


Course Objectives

By the conclusion of the Workshop, it is expected that participants will be able to:

  • Identify the core elements of current healthcare quality knowledge;

  • Fit the core elements into a cohesive whole to understand the big picture of healthcare quality;

  • Apply healthcare quality principles and processes to your own experience and the work setting;

  • Relate the core elements and theirapplications to appropriate areas of the Content Outline for the CPHQCertification Examination; and

  • Identify which content areas require additional study prior to taking the Exam.

Workshop Schedule

Registration/Continental Breakfast Continental Breakfast
Welcome & Course Overview
CPHQ Exam Information
I: Healthcare Quality Concepts
PI Processes (Continued)
9:30am Break
9:30am Break


Healthcare Quality Concepts (Continued)
II: Strategic Leadership
PI Processes (Continued)
V: Information Management
12:00 noon Lunch Provided 12:00 noon Lunch Provided
Strategic Leadership (Continued)
III: Quality Systems Management
Information Management (Continued)
2:15pm Break
2:15pm Break
Quality Systems Mgmt (Continued)
VI: People Management
3:45pm Break
3:45pm Break
4:00pm 4:00pm

Quality Systems Mgmt (Continued)
IV: PI Processes

VII: Standards & Surveys
Adjourn Adjourn and Best Wishes!

For more information about the CPHQ Exam, go to www.cphq.org.